Critical Mass - How to tackle the bulking phase

"Finally, time to feast again." - a lot of gym rats and bodybuilders feel like this when bulking season arrives (from fall to spring, ordinarily). But this process doesn't come without guidelines, because you can't wolf down any and everything that comes your way - no matter how strong the temptation. We have put together some useful pointers that will help you make the absolute best of your bulking period.

Food envy? - It's all about nutrition

It sounds too good to be true, and the truth is that bulking season is sadly not the time to indulge in all your innermost yearnings. Keep in mind we're talking about food and drink here...what you get into on your own time is up to you 😉
Still, pay attention to well-balanced nutrition consisting of "good" carbs (complex, long-chained), protein and fats. Try and substitute "bad" carbs (simple, short-chained) - which you'll find in a lot of highly processed foods like ready-made meals - with good carbs. Those will give you more energy that lasts you longer and will also see to it that you don't get hungry again too soon.

Speaking of protein: you've probably heard the recommendation to ingest 3 to 4 grams of protein or 4 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. This data isn't set in stone and strongly depends on the individual's physical build and intensity of your workouts. If the session was intense, a little extra protein never hurt anybody. We generally recommend lean meats (chicken, turkey, beef), eggs, fatty types of fish, as well as natural rice and wholegrain products. Also, you can easily get your vitamins from "green vegetables" (broccoli or spinach for example), berries or mushrooms.

Busy schedule - keep track of your nutrition and your workouts

If you're trying to achieve your goals, you won't get far without control and monitoring. Take daily notes of your calorie and nutrition goals and document what you have ingested so far. This really helps with staying on top of things.
You shouldn't only monitor your eating, but your physical stats like fat percentage and weight as well. Additionally, you should measure yourself (shoulders, chest, thighs, etc.) once a month.

I can’t get no sleep - how about sleeping on it?

Though this might be frustrating to hear - maybe your parents annoyed you with it as a kid - sleep remains one of the most essential parts of your health. ESPECIALLY during bulking season. While you're off in dreamland, your body is working overtime, triggering the human growth hormone. Sufficient sleep (and by this, we mean at least 7 hours a night) is, therefore, a crucial part of your recovery periods.

Never go in without 'em - choosing the right supplements

Sure, they aren't required, but they can benefit you tremendously. We're talking about nutritional supplements designed to give your bulking period the push it needs. We recommend a healthy portion of whey protein, amino acids (PCA for example), minerals (zinc) and magnesium. CLA can also help you achieve your goals.